Come as you are. All of you is welcome here. 


WELCOME! I am glad you are here.

Each of us is on a unique and fascinating soul journey. Marked by constant change, our lives present us with gateways and cycles that can feel challenging. Navigating initiations, integrating life experience and changing patterns requires skill to do successfully. I am here to explore with you the entire constellation of your journey.

You may be asking yourself questions like these:

Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  How can I change my relationship patterns and attract a healthy partnership?
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  What can I do to create lucrative work that truly inspires me?
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  How can I release my self-sabotaging tendencies and move forward in life?
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  I’m so confused – what is the current story of my life?
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  How can I show up as a more authentic version of myself?
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare  I have trauma from my past or my families’ past – how can I resolve it and live more freely?

You are not broken

Rather than viewing symptoms and suffering as something to be “fixed”, I view them as a creative expression of something that wants to be known.

Life can be traumatic and complicated. The very act of being born is traumatic. Many of us live daily with the effects of past trauma, oblivious to the origins of our present-day pain.

Even without these experiences, it is human nature to suppress our authentic self to meet the expectations of family, friends, teachers, and the pressures of society. Desperate to belong, we disassociate ourselves to fit in. We suppress the wisdom within. Some people can exist for decades on autopilot; numb, foggy, and distracted. Until one day, we realize…

there must be

something more to life.

True healing aims to seek out not what is broken, but what is hidden

Danielle Dulky

You have reached the point of no return

If you know too much to go back to the way you are living and have no clear path to the wholeness your spirit aches for, you are ready for transformation.

Compelled to look more deeply into your life, you question everything you thought you knew. You may feel untethered, unbridled, disoriented, scared, excited and afraid… sometimes all at once. You may experience a building pressure, or feel lost, as though stumbling through the gnarly thickets of a moonless forest, searching for a guiding light.

You have come to an ancient dark place… the unknown… the dark night of the soul.

Despite the discomfort and uncertainty, you know this is the most crucial part of your journey.  You are ready to do what it takes to heal the past. You are ready to create a new way of living. You are here to find your authentic self and fulfill your greatest potential

... a profound transformation

“Dr. Karina offers a profoundly transformational experience.
Guiding the spiritual journey with sacred space for deep healing and stepping into the light.



Healing is a process of exploration, observation and integration in relationship with oneself and a trusted other. A counselor creates and holds healing space for the whole you; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual you. This powerful holistic approach is designed for you to feel seen, heard, and understood as never before. This opens the door to healing and leaps in personal and spiritual growth.

Transformational Spiritual Counseling will help you:

Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare heal trauma.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare complete and release the past.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare discover your authentic voice.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare be empowered, courageous and inspired.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare fulfill your potential.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare lead & transform.

Unlike goal-oriented coaching – transformational spiritual counseling does not focus on a list of things to do to make life work better. It uniquely focuses on emotional and spiritual growth, holding space while you move through areas of pain and fear and reintegrate your parts of Self. When you are ready to choose a new path, your counselor will hold the guiding light.

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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

C.G. Jung

Karina Klmtchuk - Kai Wellness - Acupuncture in Los Angeles


I am Dr. Karina. I care and I want to help.

I work with my clients in the capacity of Transformational Spiritual Counselor, Guide, and Mentor and offer a multifaceted approach to help you on your journey of discovery and healing.

I have spent most of my adult life developing skills and experience in several healing arts, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of unique individuals. My background includes being a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Reiki Master, Yoga Therapist, a Teacher/Counsellor for patients with cognitive disability and/or mental illness, a Women’s and All-Gender Circle guide, and a College Professor.

I hold a doctorate in Oriental Medicine, a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, and training in Somatic Healing, Trauma Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Shamanic Studies, Astrology, Jungian Studies and Shame Healing. I am dedicated to lifelong learning in service of my clients and my enthusiasm for what is possible for the human spirit.

I am passionate about healing because I, too, am on a path of deep soul growth.

I too, have experienced trauma, pain, and suffering in my life.

I have been into the abyss many times.

I believe that the journey of life offers many evolutions. Growth is possible for anyone who can be vulnerable and step consciously into the process of discovery.

... changing prespectives

“Dr. Karina has changed the perspective at which I see the world, and after every session I feel lighter and more confident that I can face things head-on…”

Deanna Saukman
Karina - Kai Wellness
Karina - Kai Wellness

My journey to becoming a transformational spiritual counselor

We each travel our own path.

My education and experience are the foundation for transformational spiritual counseling, equally important are decades spent going deep for my own growth and development.

I have lived many lifetimes in this one because of countless shifts and evolutions. And yes, that includes many “dark nights of the soul” – difficult periods that are a kind of re-birth or initiation, taking us from one phase of life to another.

As I became more intentional in the transformational journey, I recognized these periods as gateways into greater consciousness. I gained respect and enthusiasm for the process, even when it was difficult.

I remember being young and feeling terrified, like I was losing my mind, about to disappear into darkness. Transformation at first was an unconscious experience for me. Later, I found curiosity about the process, and I was ready to part with coping mechanisms that caused me more harm than good.

I can now shine a light into the darkness and retrieve and integrate parts of myself that I had previously cast off and forgotten. Over time, with training, guidance, and experience, I gained skills to navigate these waters and discover the treasures within.

One of those treasures and my great privilege – is my ability now to guide others on this path.

To offer deep empathy without judgement or conditions.

To guide, support, and hold sacred space.

For those who take this path, clarity, love, courage, and fulfilment is the ultimate destination.


Karina Klimtchuk
Kai Wellness – Acupuncture in Los Angeles

To hold space – It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment and control.

Recognizing that difficult emotions are common to all humans also seems to arouse immediate feelings of empathy with others. We share our emotions: they are part of our collective karma, the human condition.

Wes Whisker, “It’s Only Natural”


As you embark upon the journey, I will be by your side to help you shine a light into the darkness and reclaim your authentic self. This process will set you up to live in alignment with your authentic values, rediscover what is possible, and activate your full potential.

Transformational spiritual counseling is a commitment to yourself. It is a life-changing endeavor, which asks of your openness and willingness to do the work.

To benefit from and succeed in this work, you must:

Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare desire healing and living at a higher level – even if you can’t imagine what it would look like
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare be willing to dip into vulnerability.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare want to discover your potential.
Los Angeles Alternative Healthcare long for a deeper sense of purpose and connectedness with a greater life.


If this just feels right as the next step in your journey.
Book a transformational spiritual counseling session in Los Angeles or Santa Fe.

Single session – 1 or 1.5 hours, virtual or in-person.

Immersion healing journey – 1 day, virtual or in-person.

Deeper immersion healing journey – Multiple days, in-person.

Group sessions – Various options available

In the journey to self-discovery,
you’ll need to accept your own greatness.
To accept that you are in fact,
a powerful, magnificent being.

I chose Dr. Karina because she has profound understanding of the connection between the emotional body, spiritual body, mental and physical body. Her sessions offer a sacred space allowing deep healing, inviting my bodies to let go of layers of tension. I walk away with more clarity, feeling calm and centered, and connected to my spiritual self. She has a gift to heal at a soul level.

Her knowledge in functional medicine has guided me toward optimal health over the years and supported my full recovery from cancer. I highly recommend Dr Karina as her unique understanding of the human soul define her as the greatest doctor in acupuncture I have ever crossed path with. It is a privilege to be in her care and I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Pauline Torrey, LAC, DACM

Recently I was going through an unbelievably difficult time in my life. In previous years, I had always sensed that Dr. Karina had a unique ability to understand the human condition. When I came to her recently I was supported in a way that I have never been before in my life.

Dr. Karina is able to quickly understand your situation and meet you emotionally right where you are. Her insight and guidance is exceptional. I have never been “seen” and understood by anyone the way I have been by Dr. Karina. I believe she is the most gifted person I know.

Would I recommend her? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, because of her incredible sensitivity and unique abilities, I believe she is suited to help anyone.

Elizabeth Sanders, Los Angeles, CA

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

C.G Jung


What is Transformational Spiritual Counseling?

Transformational Spiritual Counseling is a one-on-one engagement that guides you through the process of deep healing and spiritual growth.

A qualified practitioner creates a safe healing space and is deeply attuned to you as you explore your inner landscape.

The result is completion of unresolved trauma, release of self-limiting beliefs, discovery of your gifts and resources and their implementation in various aspects of your life

What is it like to experience deep healing?

The experience of deep healing is one of completing parts of the past, which can be powerful and life changing.

Some may be past events that you are not even aware of in the day to day, yet they may cause chronic suffering, anxiety and impact relationships to yourself and others.

In the process of transformation, clients report feeling:

    • emotions that they have never felt before, such as pure joy
    • liberated of emotional chains held for years or even decades
    • like they have been realigned
    • a renewed sense of purpose
    • that they have a deeper understanding and trust of self

How many sessions of spiritual counselling do I need to see results?

This work is customized to each unique individual, so the short answer is “it depends”. Some people come for a handful of sessions and get what they need. Other people come regularly and do ongoing work to continue discovering and reaching new levels. I don’t prescribe sessions and there is no one-size-fits-all protocol. I offer co-creation and invite you to feel what is right for you.

What is possible with Transformational Spiritual Counseling?

Transformational spiritual counseling is guidance on the journey of healing, alignment, discovery, and growth.

Common outcomes include:

    • The resolution of symptoms, issues, or existential crises
    • Feeling more resilient and better equipped to face challenges and do life
    • Healing both of developmental trauma and acute trauma
    • Feeling more connected and less alone in the world
    • Discover or rediscover passions, hidden talents, and a sense of living with purpose
    • Feeling fulfilled and expansive
    • Embracing, accepting, and loving oneself wholly, without conditions
    • The resolution of ambivalence and core conflicts
    • Awakening and enlivening previously dis-membered parts of self
    • Regaining health and optimizing feelings of wellbeing, joy and peace
    • Gaining the confidence to step into leadership
    • Thriving in personal life and work life

What is a session like with Dr. Karina?

There are infinite ways that a session can unfold. You come as you are, and I meet you, as you are, in that moment.

Sessions may include talking, guided somatic processes, ceremonial rituals, role play, parts work, yoga, or reiki. I also use tools from plants, plant medicines and essential oils.

During a session, you may experience a profound insight and a deeper understanding of self. You may experience healing around core issues that are present in the moment.

You may experience feeling inspired and a deep sense of validation in honoring your journey. It is about discovery of the wisdom within, reconnection to self, and feeling a sense of belonging to a greater community as you live with a deeper sense of purpose.

I work with people online and in person. Both are very effective.

How does spiritual counseling differ from traditional coaching, counseling, or therapy?

Transformational spiritual counseling includes some elements of traditional coaching, counselling, and therapy, but the approach is more expansive and without a prescribed agenda.

As well as holding space for you to discover what lies within, a lot of the work is embodied; we work with body awareness, mindfulness practices, interoception, and proprioception.

We may include integrative medicine, plant medicine, herbs, and supplements to support your physiology. We may look at lifestyle and support you with spiritual practices and tools. It is a truly holistic process, guided by your needs in your journey.

There is also an energy work component – I bring the gift of intuition to create a space and opportunity for deeper and broader terrain to be traversed.

All of you is welcome here. You can be your complete self in this space. Every person has many inner characters, or archetypes that comprise our inner worlds – and sometimes they are not in alignment. Sometimes there is arguing between the parts, so we may do parts work to reconcile internal conflict.

Is a Zoom session as powerful as in-person?

Occasionally, I hear a concern about whether new clients will be able to feel connected and get benefit for Transformational Spiritual Counseling via video sessions.

The answer is yes, you can!

Even for my more technologically challenged or highly sensitive clients.

The space for this work can exist powerfully using modern communication technology. The connection we create will transcend geographical locations. We can connect wholly. In addition, you can experience the benefits of guided self-acupressure, meditation, breathwork, yoga therapy, and somatic-emotional processing to access your inner wisdom and activate an innate healing response.

As a holistic therapy, you can also optimize your health using natural medicine and wellness practices, from the comfort of your own home. AND for US residents, functional medicine, nutritional and oriental medicine, test kits, herbs and supplements can be shipped when needed.

Where can I have a transformational spiritual counseling session in LA?

I offer in-person transformational spiritual counseling sessions in Los Angeles. The address is 2001 S Barrington Ave. Suite 309, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

I also offer call outs to you at home in greater Los Angeles. Contact me for potential dates and times.

Where can I have a spiritual counseling session in Santa Fe?

I am pleased to announce in-person spiritual counseling sessions in Santa Fe, either at your home or in my new space (address TBD).