Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been used to assist in seasonal transitions for centuries with great success. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has cultivated a strong practice of preventive care by emphasizing the importance of living in accordance with nature to live a long and healthy life.

Spring gives rise to new ideas and exciting beginnings that sprout with boundless energy from the preserve of the winter blanket. It is time to detox from the accumulated stresses and stagnations of winter, to clear away the muck and burst into life with creativity, bounty and initiative.

BEGIN that new detox, START that new dance class, BIRTH that idea into existence, OPEN your arms and heart to new beginnings and SASHAY into your next adventure with grace and freedom.

According to the ancient Chinese Medical text, Nei Jing,

Spring is the time of birth and spread. Grasses and trees are becoming vivid and all living things in the world become flourishing with a new dynamic atmosphere. In order to keep in accordance with the law of the variation of the seasonal sequence, one should go to bed when night comes and get up early in the morning. One must not restrain the faculty of growth…but should help surviving, not killing, to award and not to punish. If this principle is violated by man, his/her liver will be hurt as liver associates with the energy of wood, which is seeking to grow in the Spring.

With Chinese medicine, treatment is aimed at clearing away accumulated debris from the mind and body, supporting the sprouting new energy and directing it to nourish our creative initiative. We work with the wood element to course the burgeoning new growth along its most direct and productive path of generation.

Using acupuncture, specifically formulated herbal elixirs, and dietary and lifestyle modifications, you can experience immediate relief from acute symptoms, address underlying imbalances, and direct the body’s resources to ensure the proper cleanse, encouragement of growth and perseverance in all aspects of mind and body.

Once you get into a regular habit of preventive treatment, you can ensure wellness continued throughout your life!

This is the season of Wood, which corresponds with the Liver organ in Chinese medicine. Love your Liver!!

Liver is also associated with aggression – when channeled in a healthy way, it can give energy to plan our lives and clearly define our goals. When unbalanced, we can be indecisive, wishy-washy, and angsty.

To help start and stay on course –

  1. Eat seasonally
  2. Every morning, make a list of your daily goals and check off as you complete them
  3. START something, anything! A new exercise program, a detox cleanse, a dance class, a wellness regimen, write your book….the season’s energy supports you!

During spring it is crucial to have a diet that strengthens and cleanses the liver. Since green is the color of the liver and of spring, green vegetables help cleanse the body and liver. Dandelion, citrus fruits, pear, apple, celery, and carrots are also helpful.

Fill your diet with green sprouts to support your own sprouting energy and creative new plans.


Sprouts are full of protein, vitamin K, C, A, folate, riboflavin and myriad minerals. They boost the immune system, help growth and development of the body, and improve blood circulation in the body.


Apples are in season! With the skin, they contain the flavonoid quercetin, which can reduce allergic reactions by acting as an antihistamine, as well as decreasing inflammation.


A very rich source of beta-carotene, B complex and trace minerals, dandelion has long been revered in Chinese medicine as a green that supports the immune system and greatly detoxes and supports the healthy function of the liver!

Milk Thistle:

Milk Thistle contains silymarin and sylabin – antioxidants that are known to protect the liver from toxins. Besides helping to remove toxins, they help regenerate liver cells. A perfect addition to the Spring detox diet.

Green Tea:

Full of catechins – compounds known to support liver function – Green tea is a Spring MUST! Cooling, known well for its longevity-enhancing properties and delicious taste, fill your smoothies and cups with green tea leaves during this season for optimal health!