I can’t tell you how many times each day I hear, “Oh, these needles are amazing!”. Perhaps you’ve felt this: you get off the table and feel aligned, centered, grounded, like a weight has been lifted and you are able to take on the world, renewed and open and heartened.
The truth is, it’s not the needles. They are simply instruments, keys. When utilized, what they, and other modalities do is unlock our innate resources, which activates a physiological response. When the right modality is applied in the right way and at the right time, the response can be therapeutic and deeply transformative.
Each one of us comes equipped with an abundance of resources which, when accessed the right way, can yield tremendous amounts of energy, healing, and unleash infinite possibilities.
Do you have any idea how much incredible good you are doing for yourself every time you smile at someone, every time you act, speak or think lovingly toward yourself or another being? How about every time you exercise, meditate, open to receive nourishment, feel into gratitude? For many years now, it has been scientifically proven that positive emotions, whether they are felt “for a reason” or just felt, trigger a release of chemicals in the body that heal and regenerate tissue, elevate mood, and slow the aging process.
Did you know that…
– there is a wellspring of magnificence, abundance, luminosity, love, and infinite potential running through you. This is always!
– there is a place of deep inner peace, a place within that knows and feels and senses at every level of being that all needs are met?
– you can access this place within you?
The human body is like a well stocked pharmacy; we have literally countless chemicals and molecules of all kinds that are adapting, creating, altering and syndicating our physiology and they are doing this ALL the time. Like filling a prescription and taking medicine, when we reach for and activate the right inner substance in just the right way, we can stimulate self-healing, using the very resources we were given as we came into the world!
When unbalanced, disease can form as an adaptive physiological response to our genetic wiring and internal as well as external environments. When in balance, the body self-heals brilliantly. There are ways to balance the body naturally and effectively, and home practices designed to tap into the innate healing capacity within ourselves.
As an example, think of the last time you exercised. Simple. You run or swim or work out, you feel the blood flowing through you, a deep breath, sweat beads running down your forehead. You drink your water, and what do you notice at the end of your workout? Sometimes there’s soreness of the muscles and exhaustion… and more often than not, there is a feeling of freedom, joy, achievement, purpose, sometimes even peacefulness. Why? Why did that all happen just from shuffling your legs? Waving your arms? Contorting your body here and there?
Simple! You have accessed and released powerful chemicals… Endorphins, neurotransmitters, you have stimulated the immune response and tripped receptors for dopamine, epinephrine, oxytocin, myriad other physiological effects that are hardwired into the limbic system where emotions are produced and accessed.
Just think… If you can do all that by going to the gym or engaging in your favorite outdoor activity, what more can be done when you endeavor to truly activate the infinite potential of your innate self-healing capacity?
The human mind is like a boundless library; full of information, the ability to direct energy, and discern what is working for us and what isn’t. Sometimes it’s a hindrance, and other times it’s a beacon. When in balance, our mind or intellect serves as an intermediary between our inner and outer worlds. It bridges the gap between sensation and perception allowing the experience of a felt, integrated sense of being. One great documentary on this topic is Heal, and if you haven’t seen it already, check out What the Bleep do we Know. What often sounds like fantasy is actually scientifically proven.
Yes, the ancient peoples uncovered and cultivated incredible human capabilities for thousands of years… And in fact it has taken western civilization this long to finally come up with the brilliance of scientific technology that can track, decode, visualize, reproduce and make tangible the perceived magic that happens when we do simple practices such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and take in the precisely necessary nutraceuticals, herbs, and other natural substances to affect tremendous change in our lives.
Perhaps our most human quality, and the most challenging area of our lives to harmonize: our emotions hold the key to our development and evolution throughout life. Did you know that we evolve via the emotions? And that the broader our emotional spectrum, the deeper, richer, more satisfying and fulfilling our lives. For example, emotional development in children is stunted when they encounter trauma and abuse. And until it is worked through, there remains a fundamental gap in the ability to digest, accept and integrate life experience. This can lead to health issues – in all of us.
Do you ever notice your shoulders rising up toward your ears? Is there a perceived fear that activates this physiological response? Or how about the common sensation of a knot in the stomach – is there worry that underlies that experience? When angry, isn’t it easy to feel lightheaded/hotheaded/want to stand up and shout? And when that anger is stifled, don’t we sometimes “give ourselves a headache”, or “seethe inside” and over years (possibly) develop an ulcer? How about the effervescent tingle of pure joy? Doesn’t laughter often result in a deep relaxing breath, a softening of the face, an opening of the heart?
Happiness is when the natural healing response happens in our body. And of course we want more of that! However, it is inevitable that we will encounter, time and time again, the less “desirable” emotions of sadness, anger, fear and shame. And that has GOT to be OK! Otherwise we are endlessly beating ourselves up for feeling a certain way – which is, pardon the blunt expression, just more self-abuse.
Emotions can be our most reliable compass and greatest source of feeling alive – yet when misused, misdirected or misunderstood, can get lodged and create disease in our bodies, cause confusion in our minds, and stifle the expression of our spirits.
Did you know that: FEELING emotions has never and can never cause problems? It is the RESISTANCE to feeling, ways in which we stifle a creative and healthy expression of emotion, that in fact causes pain?
When felt, named, expressed and embraced, our emotions allow for the greatest expression of the magnificence that we truly are.
The human spirit – an infinite warehouse of limitless potential; Our karmic roots and ancestral realms are accessed and affected by our every breath, every thought, every action. And the answer is YES – we CAN cultivate a lifestyle that centers around a deep connection with our spiritual self. In essence, we clear off the barricades that we set up around our hearts in an effort to protect ourselves from perceived harm. This self-protective mechanism is actually the very barrier that creates a sense of separateness, from ourselves and from others. This very sense of separateness is at the ROOT of all suffering.
And there are ways to reconnect. Ways to come into gentle, loving compassion with every part of ourselves. Ways to befriend and embrace ALL of our selves – including the shadow parts that we sometimes fear. There are ways to connect yet remain protected. Ways to feel safe WITHIN our vulnerability.
– mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically we ARE and we HAVE everything we need. WE ARE WHOLE!
– as we identify and gently remove blocks, we in fact have the ability to set free our highest potential. WE ARE INFINITE!
– as we engage in mindful living and tune in with inner wisdom, we become better and better at activating our self-healing response and this affects us on EVERY level. WE ARE POWERFUL!
Whether we see ANY aspect of ourselves and our lives as a gift or a curse, we fundamentally have a CHOICE: to embrace and love ourselves and those around us, or to live behind barricades. May you choose to lovingly embrace all you are, choose health, choose love, choose peace, choose life, and choose to live richly in all aspects of your being!