How can you become the condition for resilient health?

Can you live inside a volcano? With all the heat and noxious gasses, it’s really not an environment fit for a human being. But guess what? Other organisms have adapted to thrive in some of the world’s harshest environments. Especially certain bacteria and viruses – they THRIVE in acidity, but they die in alkaline environments.Humans are no exception! Indeed, we have everything it takes to become the condition for resilient health. It’s true!

And guess what else?

When our bodies are consumed by stress, emotional trauma, spiritual mis-attunement and especially digestive issues – we BECOME the very environment for bugs, viruses and diseases to make us their homes.

Social isolation, endless negativity in the news, the global consciousness shift and all the “unknown” we are collectively swimming in today all create a certain “trauma response”.

Trauma is, mainly, a physiological phenomenon.

Unhealed trauma changes the brain structure, dysregulates the vagus nerve (this is how many digestive issues develop and prevail), affects our connective tissue causing pain and stiffness in the joints and ligaments, and affects our DNA, which can lead to triggering of auto-immune disease.

But guess what?

There are conditions that create an environment that is conducive to healing and vital wellness – and we absolutely can make that happen in ourselves.

That’s right!

When we take care of our bodies, process our emotions, nourish our mental health and heal on the spirit level, we BECOME the condition for resilient health. We cultivate natural immunity, and we develop radiant wellness and a sense of inner wholeness.

There may be pain happening in your life – and I invite you to let your pain push you to your passion.

The ancient yogis and Chinese medicine men and women knew what we are FINALLY re-discovering now:

The paradigm of resilient health starts with self-care and self-love.

It is grounded in good relationships with self, with others, with the planet. And perhaps most importantly: physical health is DICTATED by spiritual and emotional health.

When the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves come into alignment, the connection within self leads to connection with the rest of the world. THIS is the condition for health and wellness. 

How can acupuncture and functional medicine help?

Acupuncture focuses on healing the spirit and harmonizing the emotions. There are points that specifically release embodied trauma and create the conditions for deep and transformative healing to occur.

Thousands of years of research and practice have optimized Chinese medicine to effectively address just about every ailment known to the human world – naturally.

Functional medicine, with its laser-beam focus on the microbiome and systemic optimization holds the key to natural prevention and greatly enhanced quality of life.

What you can do to become the condition for resilient health:

Click here to learn how to apply reflexology to the ears.”

Nourish the body:

1. Eat nutritionally dense, organin, non-GMO, local and seasonal food. Eat mindfully and chew slowly – our digestive enzymes require more energy to produce than any physiological process – slowing down your eating hugely benefits the gut, energy production, and overall health.

2. Take baths with salts and oils – CBD infused epsom salts are soooooo relaxing to the body and busy mind.

3. Get into nature and get barefoot – discharging our internal electricity into the earth is vital to nervous system health.

4. MOVE! Motion is lotion and stagnation is the cause of all toxicity. Do yoga, Qi Gong, take a walk around your neighborhood.

Calm the mind:

1. Meditation practice continues to show significant benefits in research studies with subjects in treatment for depression, anxiety, pain, addictions and nervous system ailments.

2. Start a daily gratitude journal – gratitude, regardless of how shitty life can feel at the moment, triggers the body’s healing response.

3. Listen to binaural beats – YouTube has come nice calming options such as THIS ONE.

4. Find a better problem to solve (than the weight of the world), such as a jigsaw puzzle or crossword.

Tend to your emotions:

1. Know that whatever you are feeling at any moment is VALID – chances are there is a part of you that doesn’t see it that way, and there is a part of you that feels what it feels, and that is worth caring about.

2. Allow yourself to feel – sometimes that is easier with another person who can hold space and not judge you.

3. Journal – there are few practices more powerful than getting what is inside, outside, onto a piece of paper.

4. Get out and SCREAM!!!!! In your car, in the woods, wherever you can really release some energy – humans are wired to act, keeping emotions locked in can be devastating to our health.

Nourish your spirit:

1. Vision and imagine – HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE? (different).

2. Connect with others – share your vision, your truth, your heart. Remember how healing it is when someone opens up to you? Well…what are you waiting for? Connection is the opposite of addiction and is the antidote to suffering.

3. Spend time in prayer – connecting with the divine, however that presents for you.

4. Practice identifying beauty. Beauty – is everywhere, EXCEPT where it is obscured by limited perception. Learn to see it – even a nice color that you like in the sky, or on that table….a glittering ray of sunshine, the curve of someone’s neckline. See it, and focus there until you see it everywhere around you. And then realize – you are what you see. And that beauty – IS YOU.

May you rise and thrive.

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