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Kai Wellness Integrative Medical Center,
is a first choice in primary care in Los Angeles.

What sets us apart? Excellence in care, an individualized patient-centered approach, and expertise in several modalities that blend together to care fully for your body, your spirit and your mind.

Kai Wellness Integrative Medical Center is a first choice in primary care. Nestled in the heart of Brentwood, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, we are a family medicine practice providing holistic, client-centered care. Our methods restore balance and harmony throughout the mind and body, and facilitate the greatest expression of each soul’s embodied journey toward mental, physical and spiritual wholeness. We customize holistic wellness treatments to nurture our patients with wholehearted authenticity. We cultivate strong relationships with patients, their families and other providers while delivering excellence in diagnostic and therapeutic intervention.

Practicing mindfulness and integrity to administer a high level of care, in our practice we implement Acupuncture, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Reiki to treat and prevent acute and chronic conditions.

At Kai Wellness, we open for you to come as you are and allow yourself to receive care you need based on our unique condition and goals. We offer gentle techniques, a conscientious approach, effective treatment and a high standard of care.

We focus on you as a whole person, and emphasize prevention as a means to ensure you a living your optimal quality of life.
We provide a safe and authentic healing experience that enables you to better understand yourself on a deep level, to open your heart and mind to a richer and fuller life. We regard lifeforms as sacred and lovingly enable grace in transitions and provide guidance and a sense of ease about what you can do to lead a life of wholeness and authentic self-expression.

We all possess a remarkable ability to heal and live a life of vitality and wholeness. However, no matter how successful we are, we can sometimes become unbalanced in body or mind, which can lead to symptoms of disease and poor health. It may take more than a conventional approach – often it is necessary to treat the underlying root cause in order to restore wellbeing. Integrative wellness treatments provide an opportunity to address your wellness holistically. Be guided by a highly attuned professional who helps you to discover aspects of lifestyle, physiology and behaviors that are blocking you. When you gain insight into the true causes of your emotional, physical or spiritual distress, the natural yet powerful treatments allow you to change yourself at a systemic level so you feel better from the inside out.

Kai Wellness Services and Specialties

Located in Los Angeles, California, we specialize in a mind/body approach to prevent and treat a myriad of diseases, and ensure you are living your best quality of life through preventive and longevity wellness practices.

Acupuncture and Cupping

Our goal is to help you heal and create wellness in the most natural way. Thin, painless needles are inserted into specific points on the body to open energy channels to restore harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Specialty Acupuncture Styles: Gentle Japanese, Esoteric, Pediatric and Facial Rejuvenation. Includes cupping therapy, gua sha, moxibustion and acupressure.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

We provide Chinese Herbal remedies, which have been used for thousands of years to treat difficult diseases, balance the body and support natural defenses against the effects of stress and environmental toxins. Chinese herbs are a safe and effective, time-tested resource for optimal wellbeing.

Yoga Therapy and Reiki

Using these ancient systems for balancing the body, mind and spirit, we see Yoga Therapy and Reiki as essential solutions to modern day living. Replete with practices of body awareness and toning, breath work and meditation, we focus on helping you reclaim physical, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness.

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An integrative approach to health and wellness is essential to achieving optimal health. As all aspects of life are brought into balance, we can expect to feel restored, vital and whole. Watch Dr. Karina Klimtchuk speak about Kai Wellness Integrative Medicine Center in this interview which originally aired on the CBS series, This Is LA.

Listen to Dr. Karina Klimtchuk on Deep Healing, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, and Energy Yielding Rituals.


Those Who Can Benefit


Whether situational or a long-term struggle, mental and emotional imbalance can be debilitating. We work closely with you and offer safety, empathy and compassionate support through all stages of recovery.

Acute and Chronic Pain

All pain is a sign of stagnation. We identify blockages and use natural and highly effective methods to help you understand and free stuck energy to bring back your vibrant quality of life.

Women’s Health

From PMS and Fertility to PCOS and menopause, women seek our care to feel uniquely empowered to handle and address all their feminine needs – the natural way.

Digestive Disorders

Gut health = mind, body and spirit health. Implementing a combination of ancient medicine and modern discovery, we implement various strategies to help your body heal even the most stubborn digestive issues.

Autoimmune/Cancer Support

Regulating the immune system requires a delicate balance to ensure the right treatment at the right time. We provide deeply compassionate and effective support before, during and after your cancer treatment.

Meet Dr. Karina Klimtchuk, Owner of Kai Wellness, L.Ac., DACM, Dipl. OM, CIAYT, E-RYT500

Deeply compassionate and insightful, Karina is loved and respected by colleagues and patients for consistently bringing passion and excellence to her work as an integrative physician.
Extensive studies in China, Japan and top US integrative medical schools have added tremendous skill in her acupuncture and herbal practice.
Karina achieves great results by addressing the mind/body connection, integrating therapies, and customizing treatment to the unique needs of each individual. She enjoys helping children and adults in their recovery from a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, the prevention of illness, and restoration of balance, harmony and wholeness in all facets of life.
Her heart is in her work – Karina adheres to the highest standards of practice and offers expertly customized wellness programs to address a wide variety of needs.

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See What People Are Saying About Kai Wellness!

Culver City, CA

Sal. L.

“When I started working with Karina I was still getting over a severe, life-threatening stomach issue and surgery, and nerve damage from the surgery to the point of excruciating pain and extreme difficulty using my hands. After an exhausting time with many doctors, neurologists, surgeons, and pain management specialists I was told there there wasn’t anything further they could do for me other than a lifetime of pain medications to help manage the pain. I became depressed, hopeless and confused.
After talking with Karina, I decided to try Chinese Medicine and began meeting with Karina twice per week to receive acupuncture treatments, take herbs, and implement dietary changes. After a short period, I began to notice litte improvements which continued to increase as treatments continued.The improvements continue and I see Karina 2-3 times per week. My Western doctors had no more answers and I am very grateful for meeting Karina and the help and road she has led me on. I can’t say enough about the help she has given me. I am very grateful to have been referred to her and all I can say to her is thank you from my heart!“

Manhattan Beach, CA

-Herb E.

“I was referred to Karina by my doctor to regain balance, stability and core strength after a stroke 3 years ago. Karina uses exercises and targeted massage to counteract the effects of muscular stiffness and pain. She can just look at your posture and immediately know which areas need work.

Following some unintended side-effects from ankle surgery, she had added acupuncture therapy to help me repair my bladder function and also restore mood and sleep habits. As a result of her efforts, I have returned to a more normal and satisfying life. Karina is excellent at assisting the body to repair itself using very gentle and natural methods.“

Palos Verdes Estates

Robert G.

“For years I was having a terrible problem with lower-back spasms. As a result of the persistent tightness and pain, my posture, shoulders and upper back were negatively impacted. These conditions were frustrating me and forcing me to skip my daily walks and eliminate other forms of activity, like playing with our grandchildren. After 6-8 weeks of Karina’s help, I noticed dramatic relief in my lower back tightness and was able to resume most activities that I had given up or reduced dramatically. I am extremely excited about the improvements to my back and positive impact that it has had on my general lifestyle and my day-to-day activities. I highly recommend Karina because of the positive results I have personally experienced, her caring manner and consistent efforts when I have a challenge.“

Pasadena, CA

Miriam C.

“About one year ago I was having trouble managing severe anxiety when I found out that I had tumors on my Kidneys. My acupuncturist referred me to Karina, and right away when I started working with her I felt a heavy burden lifted. The anger I felt about a difficult life situation gave way to compassion, and I have been feeling better and better emotionally ever since. I am so grateful to have found Karina – with Acupuncture, herbs and Reiki, she offers a package deal! It is worth driving 1.5-2 hrs. each week to be treated by her. I’ve noticed an overall improvement in my quality of life, any aches and pains I had have disappeared, and no matter what I come in with I always leave feeling amazing relief. It is important to me to be treated by the right person – Karina works from her heart, I feel she really understands me. I am grateful I found her.“

Palos Verdes, CA

Deborah N.

“I was referred to Karina in 2014 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. That was my second cancer, the first was colon cancer in 2004. I was completely overwhelmed and thought of myself as quite unlucky to have a second unrelated cancer at the age of 50. I knew that I overcame my first cancer and that I would beat this one as well. Karina played a key integral role in my journey of treatments and surgeries over the eight month period after my diagnosis. I was to undergo 5 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo and still attempt to keep up with my 2 school age kids. Karina brought the balance and mind set that was critical in my mind-body connection. She was not only the main source of my integrative health and wellness care but she was also my compassionate and wise healer. I can report that I have been cancer free for close to 2 years and I continue to have sessions with Karina several times a month. She helps support my immune system through acupuncture and supports my continued healing in all parts of my life through Reiki and bodywork. Karina has been part of my Silver Lining to what before felt so unlucky.“

Santa Monica, CA

Susan S.

“My health issue was a brain hemorrhage that caused a stroke. I have done a great deal of Physical Therapy and Acupuncture. Karina was highly recommended to me by a doctor who has treated me for 5 years. She has improved my posture, my body is more aligned. She’s shown me how important proper breathing is to help me move and walk. Karina is extremely well educated and knows the body. Her energy and temperament are calming. She is an important part of my recovery.“

Santa Monica, CA

Thomas J.

“Karina is a wonderful Yoga teacher and Reiki healer. She has been working on my overall well-being – not only limited to physical but also energetic conditions – for over a year and I am very pleased with the result. Karina is a thoroughly professional, very down-to-earth, nonjudgmental, warm and knowledgable person with an energizing personality. She has amazing energy and is a great teacher. She is all about offering healing in your best interest. One of the best qualities about Karina is her passion for what she does. She is a gifted healer. I always leave feeling lighter, refreshed and energized. She is also an amazing life coach. She does a wonderful job of teaching you that you have the ability to heal yourself and to improve your own life. The fact that she wants people to know that they have the power to heal themselves speaks multitudes of her belief in what she does and is the reason why many clients continue seeing her long-term. Her yoga teaching helps me a great deal with realigning my long-term wrong bodily posture along with energetic flow in the body. The Reiki therapy heals blockages of energy within my body from past emotional trauma. She combines the two and, along with meditation practice, presents me a total package of healing and a whole new perspective on life. If you are looking for a way to improve your life for your well-being, whether that’s through Reiki or Yoga, I highly recommend Karina with my full trust. She has a real gift to share!”

Manhattan Beach, CA

Bob G.

“As an athletic middle aged man I found my lack of flexibility added up to increased injuries from the things I do: running, tennis, boxing and skiing. I had heard that yoga could significantly help loosen muscles and add strength and flexibility. I hoped this would make my body less stiff and more able to recover from my activities. My overall health was great but I was highly frustrated by the stiffness in my body and its affect on my sporting capabilities.

When I started working with Karina I found our yoga practice very challenging. It was immediately obvious that the specific physical issues I had were going to be addressed head-on by our practice. There were many things I just couldn’t do but Karina was always positive and encouraging. She continually pointed out areas of improvement which helped me keep up the effort.

I have never been able to sit cross legged my entire adult life. Even in my 20’s it was uncomfortable. Recently I went to a concert in the park with no seating and I sat over 90 minutes in a modified cross legged position. Although I wasn’t completely comfortable, not long ago I couldn’t have done this for 10 minutes! It was a clear indication that I was making progress.

Karina is kind and personable, very reliable, and always has a great attitude. She has never made me feel incompetent or silly in my efforts to understand yoga and its principles, and she is patient yet challenging. I would recommend her to anyone looking to add yoga to their lifestyle regimen.”

Los Angeles, CA

Eleonore K.

“As a Reiki teacher, practitioner and Yoga Instructor I hold space for many people and give a lot in a field I’m passionate about, I’m forever on the search for practitioners I am able to receive from with the same level of integrity and care. Karina’s powerful yet gentle sessions have been such a gift on my path. Her wealth of knowledge, kindness, expertise and intuitive clarity create a deeply healing space, supporting awareness and renewal.”