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May 14, 2018by kaiwellness0

To get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Listen to Binaural Beats before bed – delta waves signal the brain to enter sleep– Listen Here or find others to your liking.
  2. Lavender Essential Oil – a very calming scent that goes straight to the limbic system — apply to the bottoms of feet and onto pillow.
  3. Wind-down – begin settling down 2 hours before sleep to prepare the body —  no blue screen, no caffeince, no nicotine, no alcohol, no chocolate, no eating, etc.
  4. Place abalone shells under the bed.
  5. Positioning of bed — feng shui indicates that the bed should not be under windows, nor in front of a door, and no reflective surfaces in the bedroom for optimal rest.
  6. Light – orange two hours before bed. Use orange/red lightbulbs and avoid TV, phone and computer screens (or filter through orange sunglasses).
  7. Noise control – wear ear plugs, or use a white noise machine.
  8. Comfort – make sure you sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  9. Minimize EMFs – the subtle buzzing of electric and magnetic fields can stimulate the brain awake – unplug as much as you can in your bedroom, turn off wifi and devices, consider using a Grounding/Earthing Sheet.
  10. Herbs – taken before bed, these can help sleep come sooner and last longer — valerian, camomile tea, Homeopathic Sleep Aid

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